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Foundations of Action Learning Workshop

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1 Days

18 Aug 2022 - 19 Aug 2022

09:00 h - 17:00 h



This workshop is meant for potential Action Learning Coaches, Organisational Champions or Sponsors of Action learning. This two day session covers the six components of Action Learning and the two ground rules in detail. Participants will experience Action Learning both as a participant and as a coach


Changi Cove Singapore, 351 Cranwell Road, Singapore 509866

Course Description


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of Coaching and Action Learning session
  2. Gain competence to be an Action Learning Coach
  3. Ability to coach highly functioning Action Learning teams



The two-day workshop will demonstrate the concepts of Action Learning from the perspective of a coach. The workshop is designed to provide for hands-on experience in coaching.



Completion of this program is a requirement to proceed to the Action Learning Coach certification.



The workshop will be conducted by Mr Ng Choon Seng WIAL Certified Master Action Learning Coach and Director of WIAL SIngapore Pte Ltd



  1. Introduction to AL coaching
  2. History and background of AL
  3. Concepts behind Coaching
  4. Power of Action Learning
  5. 2 Ground Rules of AL
  6. 6 components of AL
  7. Action Learning Coaching demonstration and feedback
  8. Action Learning Practice – coaching, observation and feedback (multiple sessions)
  9. Holistic problem Solving through AL
  10. Roles of Action Learning Coaches, members, problem presenter
  11. Benefits of Action Learning
  12. Action Learning and systems Thinking
  13. Action Learning and Leadership Development
  14. Implementing AL in Organisations
  15. Reflection and Conclusion
  16. Developing my Coach competencies



4rd edition of Optimizing the Power of Action Learning Dr. Michael Marquardt and others. 2019. Davies-Black Publishing, Palo Alto.

Solving Problems and Building Leaders in Real Time

This reference book is provided as part of the participant’s material and its cost is included in the course fees.